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For Accuracy in the Swing, Observe the Following Geometrical Principles

"To strike always with the center of the club face, observe Fundamentals 1, 2, and 3.

To strike always with the club face travelling in right direction, observe Fundamental 4 - with HENRY COTTON Open Champion

To strike always with the club face at right angles to line of play, observe Fundamental 5.

These Five Mechanical Laws give a working theory that is complete in so far as the order of your movements is concerned, as they cover every possible error of the swing that would cause inaccuracy of impact and thereby faulty direction. Therefore, no matter what the inaccuracy might be, a perfectly clear, sound and logical reason can be found and a remedy applied. Of course there are an endless number of minor causes that upset each of these Fundamentals, but the first thing to determine always is which Fundamental was violated. It is then a comparatively easy matter to trace out the minor cause.

These Fundamentals are the foundation of every stroke in the game no matter what the style of the player may be and they cannot be violated in the slightest degree with impunity. If you are not hitting your ball true and sending it straight, one or more of these Five Fundamentals have gone wrong. Find out which and correct it."

By SEYMOUR DUNN of The DUNNS of Musselburgh Scotland

DUNNS' Original Golf Fundamentals
The Essentials of Golf

Download : "NOT CORRECT to sweep the whole lot through." by Henry Cotton including an old warning "Many of to-day's younger players have given themselves serious spinal troubles trying to step up the 15 per cent. proportion...", "Here is the greatest mistake of all in golfing theory" in 'Facts And Ideas' Sports & Country 24.1.51. The British NEWSPAPER Archive co.uk

Musselburgh is a historic town in East Lothian known for its golf

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As Presented to USGA 1937

Transmission of power "A Golfer Is No Stronger Than His Hands" 1897 1907 1922 1930 1934 By Seymour Dunn
of The Dunns of Musselborough Scotland

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