The Basic Principle for Striking a Golf Ball

At the Moment of Impact

Original Golf Fundamentals At the Moment of Impact Snap

Learn Opposed Power

A Golf Club is a Lever

Original Golf Fundamentals At the Moment of Impact A Golf Club is a Lever

Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture, Ball Position, the Pivot, the latest Technologies / Trends
are NOT Fundamentals of Golf


Original Golf Fundamentals Still the essentials of golf!

To Become Consistently Accurate

Incorrect Swing Out of Parallel DUNNS of Musselburgh Scotand Original Golf Fundamental 4

The Secret of Good Golf

Download : 'THE SECRET OF GOOD GOLF' DUNNS' Original Golf Fundamentals, Musselburgh, Scotland : "Provided the fundamentals of a player's swing are reasonably correct, then, the secret of good golf may be put in a very few words."

"A sort of a shot backwards" By Sir Henry Cotton
The Henry Cotton Celebrity Golf Lesson 1986
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"Upon The Wrists Impart Delightful Snap" By Walter J Travis, "So As To Allow of The Snap of The Wrists" By Alex Smith, "Bending and Twisting of the Wrists Produces a Snap" By Seymour Dunn

"A Golfer Is No Stronger Than His Hands"

Jamie Dunn Willie Dunn On Keith Links 1867 With Tom Morris

By the DUNNS of Musselburgh, Scotland

Jamie Dunn Willie Dunn On Keith Links 1867 With Tom Morris

Strike With Square Impact


At The Moment of Impact

The Hands Work Not Together But Against Each Other

At the moment of impact the hand work not together but against each other. DUNNS

The Left Hand Must Bear Back Against The Right

The Full Swing Stroke by Seymour Dunn 1922

Download : 'DUNN SETS COURSE RECORD AT MALONE' LAKE PLACID NEWS, Established 1905, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1940 "Setting a new course record of 68 over the Whippoorwill course in Malone on Sunday, Bob Dunn, pro at the Whiteface Inn course won the final Northern New York pro-amateur golf tournament of the season.
Hitting his shots with deadly accuracy the tall Whiteface shotmaker fired fifteen successive par holes, winding up with a birdie, par, birdie. He was out in 35 strokes and in with 33. Hike Tyrell of the Saranac golf club finished in fourth place with 72"
and "Carrying on the tradition of the Dunns, Bob, son of Seymour, is the present professional at Whiteface Inn."

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